SaLUT application

1. Fill out an online application form
2. Pay your chosen sportspass with cash or card at SAIKO office & Aalef campus store or pay via online payment.
3. Receive the pass sticker to your studentcard or meal subsidy card.

Had a pass before? = no applying needed.


Campus sports facility map

All exersice is done at own risk, SaLUT passes do not include an insurance.

Lappeenranta swimming hall and sports centre

With sport pass or group sport pass you get discounts from Lappeenranta swimming hall. From this site you will find information about discounts and timetables for swimming hall and gym.

Take your sport pass or group sport pass with you and be also prepared for show your ID when using swimming hall discounts and gym.

Swimming hall is situated in the city centre of Lappeenranta. You will find the place from GoogleMaps bt clicking this.

Lappeenranta swimming hall and swimming hall gym prices

Prices for sport pass or group sport pass holders:

You can get a discount from 10x uses card. Rechargeable card (price 6€) can be bought from central swimming halls infodesk, to which you can load the 10 uses. You have to buy the ticket to Sammonlahti gym also in central swimming hall.

10x  card prices 2017:

Sammonlahti gym 18 € (normal 30 €)
Central swimming hall gym 18 € (normal 30 €)
Swimming hall 22 € (normal 34 €)
Swimming hall + gym 32 € (normal 44 €)

Timetable for the swimming hall ticket sales

Opening hours (Swimming hall and gym)
Fall 2019

Mon 6-20 (gym 21.30)
Tue 12-20 (gym 21.30)
Wed 6-20 (gym 21.30)
Thu 6-20 (gym 21.30)
Fri 12-20 (gym 21.30)
Sat 11-19
Sun 10-18

Swimming hall and gym will be closed after one hour ticket sale has ended.

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