SaLUT application

1. Fill out an online application form
2. Pay your chosen sportspass with cash or card at SAIKO office & Aalef campus store or pay via online payment.
3. Receive the pass sticker to your studentcard or meal subsidy card.

Had a pass before? = no applying needed.


Campus sports facility map

All exersice is done at own risk, SaLUT passes do not include an insurance.

SaLUT - Higher Education Sports and Welfare Services at LUT and Saimia

SaLUT is a joint project of Saimaa University of Applied Sciences and Lappeenranta University of Technology. The aim is to promote and support the students' well-being and coping during studies. SaLUT includes a wide range of sports and welfare services as well as organize a variety of demo classes and events. Activities are designed to promote students' health and create cohesiveness between different training programs and higher education institutions.

SaLUT's functions are organized by Advisory Board, you can find the members of the Advisory Board here.

The service requires SaLUT sports or group sports pass purchase.

Please note!

All exersice is done at own risk, SaLUT passes do not include an insurance.
The group sports classes are instructed in finnish.

Instructions for SaLUT online payment

 You can pay the SaLUT services also through your own online bank. Always before payment, please fill up the Application form, in case you haven't done it before.

Sign in to your online bank and carefully follow these instructions:

1. Create a new payment and fill up the following information.
Payment receiver: Lappeenrannan teknillinen yliopisto
Bank account (IBAN):  FI39 5000 0120 2559 54
Message: "SaLUT own name" --> example: "SaLUT Sporty Sportster"

2. Make the payment with the amount of your chosen product, sportspass for 20 € or the group sportspass for 60 €.

3. Print a receipt or take a screenshot for proof of finalized payment.

4. Receive the sticker for your studentcard with the receipt/screenshot from Aalef Campus store or SAIKO office.



• SaLUT - Saimaan korkeakoululiikunta • Skinnarilankatu 36, 53850 Lappeenranta • puh. 040 725 8826 • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.