SaLUT application

1. Fill out an online application form
2. Pay your chosen sportspass with cash or card at SAIKO office & Aalef campus store or pay via online payment.
3. Receive the pass sticker to your studentcard or meal subsidy card.

Had a pass before? = no applying needed.


Campus sports facility map

All exersice is done at own risk, SaLUT passes do not include an insurance.

Advisory Board 2017

Members of the Advisory Board 2017:

LTKY representatives:

   Skyttä Jeremias, Sports (Saariniemi Jan, Chairman of LTKY)

   Partinen Simo, Chairman of campus sports commitee (Ilmavirta Antti, Secretary Commitee)

   Lipsunen Santeri, Chairman of Parry ry (Paasonen Mikko, Vice Chairman of Parry ry)

SAIKO representatives:

   Kivekäs Teemu, student (Mikkonen Vili, student)

   Kujala Saija, student (Romo Antti, student)

LUT representatives:

   Hautaniemi Petri, Head of Administration, Faculty of Technology Management

   Lankinen Anne, Director of Administrative Services, Administration

   Haikala Toni, Head of Administration, School Of Business (Deputy member)

   Sutela Minna, Finance Director, General Affairs (Deputy member)

Saimia representatives:

   Kauranen Terttu, Director, Strategy

   Bohm Hanna, Physiotherapist

   Heino Merja, Vice Rector (Deputy member)

   Liikka Sari, Programme Director (Deputy member)

• SaLUT - Saimaan korkeakoululiikunta • Skinnarilankatu 36, 53850 Lappeenranta • puh. 040 725 8826 • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.